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Pantalacci S, Guéguen L, Petit C, Lambert A, Peterkova R, Sémon M (2017) Transcriptomic signatures shaped by cell proportions shed light on comparative developmental biology, Genome biology, vol. Schlapfer P, Zhang P, Wang C, Kim T, Banf M, Chae L, Dreher K, Chavali AK, Nilo-Poyanco R, Bernard T, Kahn D, Rhee SY (2017) Genome-Wide Prediction of Metabolic Enzymes Pathways and Gene Clusters in Plants, Plant physiology, vol. Philippe H, de Vienne DM, Ranwez V, Roure B, Baurain D, Delsuc F (2017) Pitfalls in supermatrix phylogenomics, European Journal of Taxonomy, vol. Jacox E, Weller M, Tannier E, Scornavacca C (2017) Resolution and reconciliation of non-binary gene trees with transfers duplications and losses, Bioinformatics, vol. Elsensohn MH, Leblay N, Dimassi S, Campan-Fournier A, Labalme A, Roucher-Boulez F, Sanlaville D, Lesca G, Bardel C, Roy P (2017) Statistical method to compare massive parallel sequencing pipelines, BMC Bioinformatics, vol. 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